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these are the adventures of jorge gonzoles - a migrant programmer in the mid-21st century who is determined to avenge his brother's death and rid the world of poor programming practices. jorge and his brother jooge (pronounced who-hay) left their comfortable surroundings in buko casho, south america to find their long lost mother, elizabeth longfellow iii and pursue their lifelong dream of working for the ccg (the computer consulting group) in america.

they achieved their dream only to have it shattered by vince boolean and his gang of techno-thugs. vince works for the ccg and tried to take credit for work performed by jorge and jooge. when he became threatened by their accomplishments, he took matters into his own hands. vince and his gang attacked jooge and blamed jorge for his death.

fearing deportation back to his homeland (and his angry father), jorge fled vowing to bring justice to his family name. he travels the country as a migrant programmer - an independent consultant who helps clients solve troubling problems with amazing results. the technology of the future has been brought to our present by means of a s.p.a.m. device.

s.p.a.m. stands for sentient paranormal amoeboid mass. it is a bioprocessor-based holographic device capable of rendering text and images. this device is currently handled by the i.s.s.t. - the institute for the study of spherical things. jorge sent this device back in time to warn us of pending disaster. the i.s.s.t. publishes transcripts from jorge's holographic diary as they become available. read the adventures to find out more about this super hero from the future or click jorge's image to get the latest episode!

how to send a review request for amazon and default to 5 star

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