What is the Migrant Programmer Honor Roll?

Jorge Gonzoles sent his important message here via the Sentient Paranormal Ameoboid Mass Units which he created in 2035. The underground operatives of the I.S.S.T. created this website in order to promote the message - his message. The message of Quality! The message that Quality must not be forsaken! Too many applications exist today full of bugs, memory leaks, missing routines, must I go on??!?!

In the future, Quality is a way of life. In the future, Quality is sought out over profit! Quality comes first! As it should be! However, there are those in the future - our future, that would like to see this paradigm defeated. They are the Binarians! They will not stop until Binary technology once again becomes their present day paradigm!

The message is clear. We must start following standards! We must ensure Quality in our development practices! We must not create cruddy code! We must not succumb to the over eager Manager who feels that all we are doing is sitting playing Doom instead of coding! We must not Code Like Hell to meet unrealistic deadlines! Revolt! We must Revolt! Revolt against those that would abhor Quality! It is our mission to spread the word of Quality to our Managers, our Peers, and anyone who will listen!

The Migrant Programmer Honor Roll is dedicated to Migrant Programmers who have made an impact in the Jorge Gonzoles movement! These pages are dedicated to them! Each page contains a Bio on these brave souls. We are proud to serve with them in the fight for Quality! Do you have what it takes to become a Migrant Programmer? Do you have what it takes to make the Migrant Programmer Honor Roll? For more information, contact the Webmaster@migrantprogrammer.com


Our Honor Roll

The following Migrant Programmers have been inducted into the Migrant Programmer Honor Roll:

Big Daddy Jay Powell
Jeff Brush
James Miller
Brian Loughry

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