Jorge Gonzoles Lookalikes

We know you have been searching for a pair of "Voltron Glasses" just so you could look like Jorge. But you can't find them! Why? Because they haven't been invented yet! They are from the 21st. century! You can't find Voltron's in our time! Only Jorge the wonder-dweeb has Voltron's.

But don't fret. Maybe you think you look like Jorge. Maybe you know someone who does. It could be your brother, a friend, your Uncle Joe, it could even be your great grandmother on your father's side ( she does have facial hair - right? ) Here's your chance to get them worldwide exposure as a Jorge Lookalike!

Here's what you have to do:

1.) Get a picture of your Jorge Lookalike in JPEG or GIF format.

2.) Give us the imposter's name.

3.) An email address would be cool too if possible.

4.) And a brief description why they believe that they look like Jorge.

Send all entries to!

We will examine the evidence and post the imposter on this page if the judges approve.

So Get those photos to us soon!



Jorge LookalikeThis lookalike stated that without Quality, his life would be meaningless. A database engineer by trade, this Migrant Programmer is fighting to ensure data warehouses within his sector will be fully operational with minimal downtime.


Jorge LookalikeThis technologist told us that Jorge has given her a new lease on life - "Before Jorge, I wondered who was fighting for our cause! Was their a leader somewhere who would stand up to management and reveal the TRVTH? Jorge is that leader! I can go to work each day knowing that somewhere - out there in the cosmos, my hero is fighting the good fight!"


Jorge LookalikeThis technologist told us that he has a tatoo of Jorge as a symbol of his everlasting dedication to Quality. We found this somewhat extreme and asked where the tatoo was located. He would not comment.


Jorge LookalikeThis Migrant Programmer told us that "We must look for the inner-Jorge in all of us." When we mentioned that he was wearing the glasses upside down he said, "Maybe I am and maybe I'm not. You could be standing on your head! Think about it!" We did. If we are indeed standing on our heads then he is anatomically different than the rest of us. Think about it.


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