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Episodic Web Sites:

The Loser Living Upstairs - Get bizarre updates on the guy in the upstairs apartment.

Delores Darling - Everyone thinks Delores' baby is dead including her father-Frank, but Delores refuses to believe it.

Music, MIDI, and Misc.

The Ultimate MIDI File Collection - Great location to find many of your favorite MIDI theme songs!

Keyboard Central - A great place to pick up the latest trends in keyboard developments and techniques!

The Cleveland Scene Magazine - Check out local bands, concert info, interviews, and more!

Drowning in Technology...

Windows 95.com - The latest shareware and more based upon the Windows 95 OS!

ActiveX.com - The latest in Active X controls ( if you need them )

ActiveServerPages.com - Check out this technology!

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The Story behind SPAM

In 1936 when the S.P.A.M. spheres were found by farmers in Nebraska, a famer's dog found a damaged sphere and ate a portion of the the inner contents. That dog, along with the mysterious debris, was collected by the military and never returned. ( see Prolog )

In 1937, Hormel introduced a mysetrious meat substance known as SPAM. Was this a coincidence? You be the judge.

We in the underground believe that this was not a coincidence and that the military had to do something to keep the REAL TRUTH hidden. We believe that the military decided to leak faulty information to the public in the form of a SPAM "conspiracy theory".

Many years later, as we humans have consumed tons of this "space-meat", their have been alleged reports of actual SPAM addictions! SPAM junkies needing to get their "fill" have been found loitering in the backs of grocery stores waiting to get first dibs on the discarded SPAM that has expired on the shelves.

SPAM worship is rampant as well! Churches and Shrines have sprung up all over the world praising SPAM as the secret to a complete life!

But scientists are now beginning to ask questions about this mysterious "meat-from-the-stars". And they are watching this substance as it mutates into the unknown. The answer does exist. We in the underground will continue the search for truth.

The Jorge Conspiracy

We in the underground have found that the Jorge Gonzoles story has also been the focus of confusion. Years after the underground began leaking information regarding our beloved "hero of quality", a mysterious story began circulating about a Gonzoles of the dark side. This Gonzoles was similar to Jorge in many ways and became the cause of confusion for many quality concious programmers.

What's in a "Domain" Name?

Many people wonder why we chose the name Migrant Programmer for our domain name. Well, we decided to choose the name of our beloved hero Jorge but found that it was already taken. After taking a look at the site however, we believe that the name is in very good hands. Assuming that they implement quality within their day to day programming activities.

We are very happy with Migrant Programmer because it symbolizes the plight that Jorge and his technologist collegues must take each day as they journey from one adventure to another - spreading the word of quality programming in their travels.

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