Who is Jorge Gonzoles?

A bit of history is required in order to answer this question:

Back in early 1990, a couple of computer consultants were spending a late Saturday night accessing online bulletin boards. They came across a strange access number that was described as a secret military installation. After several attempts to access the online BBS, they finally succeeded and started viewing the contents within.

The information they found was astounding. It made reference to an alien-like satellite that had been retrieved and was still functioning! The satellite and other contents was being delivered to a special center where they would be further studied. This center was the Institute for the Study of Spherical Things.

A few days later the consultants attempted to access the online BBS again but were unsuccessful. They spent a couple of years trying to find the Institute for the Study of Spherical Things otherwise known as the I.S.S.T. but came up empty-handed. In 1995, they began searching the Internet via college servers in hopes of finding anything on this phenomenon.

As browser technology became available the consultants began searching the Web for anything regarding the I.S.S.T. They didn't realize they were being watched...

In late 1996, one of the consultants was apprehended by members of the I.S.S.T. He found the answers he was looking for but they came at a price. He was instructed to share what he had learned with the world. The members of the I.S.S.T. agreed to send information to the consultants whenever possible. These I.S.S.T. members that leak this information are referred to as the Underground Operatives. The two consultants developed this web site to distribute the information to the world as requested.

The first page developed for this site is the Prolog to Jorge's diary. Read it first to understand the scope of the information you are about to receive.

So, who is Jorge Gonzoles?

The information received by the members of the I.S.S.T. is coming from a "holographic diary" written by Jorge Gonzoles. He is a migrant programmer from the mid-21st century. He has managed to send his "holographic diary" back in time and the I.S.S.T. is deciphering the information from it as you read this.

This site contains his adventures and his destiny. Any information received from the I.S.S.T. is published on this site. The operatives monitor this site closely and advise on its content. You will find pictures, video, and wave files extracted from the diary available for downloading as well as the diary itself. The diary is in the form of adventures - each adventure may have a series of chapters within it.

We have also added a HyperNews Forum in order to promote online discussions of Jorge and his adventures. You can find this in the Fan Club section of the site.

First time users of this site should click on the "Information" section in order to understand the ICONS and how to navigate within the web site.

We are always looking for Jorge enthusiasts!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write the webmaster@migrantprogrammer.com.

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