Who is Marshall Bowman?

We will try to explain this as easily as possible:

This website was placed onto the Internet in late January of 1997. As time progressed, the word of Jorge Gonzoles began to propogate throughout the free world. As a token of our appreciation to the readers of quality, we decided to create a Jorge Fan Club section for the site. This section would be dedicated to the Migrant Programmers of the site - those determined to spread the word of Jorge Gonzoles throughout the world!

We incorporated a section of the site to Jorge Lookalikes - people who felt they looked like Jorge or maybe possessed the same qualities of our Migrant Hero. We received a strange photo of an animal that looked very similar to Sparky the S.P.A.M. Killer of 1936. We felt it may have been a coincidence and ignored it. Some time later, we received another photo of a dog that resembled Sparky the S.P.A.M. killer. Our I.S.S.T. operatives began a search of this person to see who they were. What astonished us was the age of the photos - They were taken at least 20 years apart! This confirmed out suspicions of Sparky. We found out the owner of the photo was a man named Dr. Marshall Bowman - a genetic scientist working for the government. See article below...

Is Sparky Still Alive?

The I.S.S.T. has developed a starting theory which claims that Sparky the S.P.A.M. killer of 1936 is alive and well today!

The underground operatives have received another photo of an animal which looks similar to Sparky the S.P.A.M. killer. Our sources tell us this photo has been traced to an individual who has contacted the underground before. The first mysterious photo sent to the underground was dated over twenty years ago. This recent photo was dated just a week ago according to our sources. Research on the photos indicate they are dated correctly which may lead to the possibility that Sparky is still alive after 60 years! Our sources estimated the dog to be about 6 to 12 years old in the photos which would make the total age of the dog anywhere from 66 to 72 years old if it is indeed Sparky.

We have compiled a series of photographs for our readers to view:

Sparky the S.P.A.M. KillerHere we see the horrific photo of 1936 in which Sparky the S.P.A.M. killer devoured a piece of the damaged sentient that had fallen to the Earth. Notice the color of the dog which appears to be of peekapoo breed.


Sparky the S.P.A.M. KillerThis photo was sent to the operatives some time ago and published on the web site under Jorge Lookalikes. Notice the similarities between the two dogs. It's frightening! Sources tell us these photos are 40 years apart! This photo was taken 20 years ago!


Sparky the S.P.A.M. KillerThis photo was sent to our operatives last week. Is Sparky trying to conceal his identity? Notice the custom-made shades and sporty new hairstyle! If this is the same animal in all three photos, then Sparky is a dog that has lived to be over 60 years old! As Lorne Greene would put it, "That's 420 years to you and me!"


We will keep you informed on any other developments in this area as they arrive!

We believed Dr. Bowman didn't realize the brevity of the situation so we convinced him to join us in a Chat Event on our website. In this discussion, Dr. Bowman revealed that he indeed was in possession of a dog that had coughed up the missing Sentient Paranormal Ameboid Mass which had been consumed back in 1936! Dr. Bowman fled from the Chat and we never heard from him again.

See article below...

It is Confirmed! Sparky is Still Alive!

The I.S.S.T. has proof that Sparky the S.P.A.M. Killer of 1936 is alive and well today! Read on!

In the last Chat Event held on August 14th, the ISST spoke with Dr. Marshall Bowman.

Dr. Bowman is a scientist with a Genetics Research Group supported by a government agency. Our operatives identified Dr. Bowman as the individual responsible for sending the most recent photo of Sparky. After some brief investigation of Dr. Bowman, it appears he has fled and we have been unable to contact him. He left his job and his personal belongings behind. It was decided to use the Jorge Forum in order to reach out to Dr. Bowman - to convince him to join us in a Chat Session regarding the dog we call - Sparky.

Although we were confident in our beliefs that Sparky was alive and well due to the Sentient Mass he had swallowed back in 1936, we were not prepared for what Dr. Bowman told us during the Chat Session. Read this portion of the Chat Session which documents the conversation between Dr. Bowman and the ISST. We would like to thank Ed for assisting the ISST in convincing Dr. Bowman to confess the TRVTH!

ISST> You cannot make me change my mind! Sparky is alive!

[Bowman] Your sparky is dead... Face the facts!!

[Bowman] My dog is not your sparky!!

ISST> Face it, Dr. Bowman! You know the dog has been alive for over 60 years!

The proof is in the photos!

ISST> Why does he respond to Sparky?

ISST> It appears we have a newcomer to the Chat. Welcome Ed.

[Bowman] I'll admit the phots bear a striking resemblence to my dog... but

you cannot seriously believe...

[Bowman] Welcome Ed...

ISST> I do believe he is Sparky the SPAM killer and he is over 60 years old!

[Ed] Give it up Bowman! Sparky Lives!

ISST> You see! Ed agrees! Sparky lives!

[Bowman] Sparky lives..... But only in spirit I'm afraid...

ISST> Have you spoken to other members of your organization regarding the


[Bowman] This isn't a fact we can vote on...

[Bowman] I've asked around.. Sure...

ISST> I have been told by associates that there is a janitor in your

organization that can identify Sparky.

[Ed] The mutenogenic properties of S.P.A.M. must be responsible for Sparkys

long life.

ISST> It is true! I believe that as well. The Sentient must have prolonged

Sparky's life! Why can't you see that Dr. Bowman?

[Bowman] my has the entire world gone mad??? SPAM or no SPAM ... Dogs don't

live that long....

[Ed] How can the janitor identify Sparky?

[Bowman] It must be nice to be as idillic as you people are... hmmmm

[Bowman] The janitor is old and crotecthy... Never really spoke much sense

since the sixties...

ISST> How do you explain the XRay taken on your animal? It shows an odd

looking foreign object lodged in the stomach!

[Ed] XRay?! What XRay?

[Bowman] I don't really know... AND how did you yet a hold of my dog's


ISST> I see you are not aware of everything are you, Dr. Bowman.

ISST> We at the ISST can obtain what we need to futher our evidence of the

existence of Jorge Gonzoles!

[Bowman] You people don't have slighest clue of the powerful people that are

behind all of this....

[Bowman] If you value your lives.... at least

[Ed] Where are the Paraque people? They can confirm our beliefs.

ISST> So it is true! You admit there is something more to Sparky than you

have said!

ISST> Who are the Paraque? Are they Migrants?

[Bowman] I can neither confirm nor deny

[Ed] I belief so

ISST> Hmmmm. The Paraque. Interesting. And Dr. Bowman now is pleading no

comment on Sparky!

ISST> Tell us more about the 'que?

[Bowman] You think all of this little web site thing is a joke... I'll tell

you it is no laughing matter...

ISST> I am well aware of the seriouness in this site Dr. Bowman! We have

instructed two consultants to maintain it for us!

[Ed] So, Tell us Dr. Bowman . . . Why should we not laugh?

ISST> Yes. Why?

[Bowman] Don't you know....Can't you see the writing on the wall...

ISST> Tell us what you know Bowman!

ISST> Sparky is the animal isn't he! Confess! Tell us the TRVTH!

[Ed] Yes, Tell Us!

ISST> I have a theory...

[Bowman] my dog just last week coughed up some of this weird material...

[Bowman] The same material you seem to speak of in this web site... you call

it sentient...

ISST> I knew it! The Sentient! You have the lost piece of Sentient in your


[Ed] No! Say it isn't so!

ISST> My God man! Do you realize the potiential for what you possess?!?

[Bowman] I am in the process of analyzing it now... You do not realize the


[Bowman] You can't handle the TRVTH....

ISST> Surely you jest! We have worked with Sentient material for some time


[Ed] Interesting, Dr. are you Roman?

[Bowman] You still don't understand the darker side.... (And yes I like to

wear togas...)

ISST> Explain this "darker side"

[Bowman] Look at the wiring under the board....

[Bowman] Its larger than the president

[Bowman] Its larger than Fox Mulder

[Bowman] Its larger that all we realize...

[Bowman] Indeed its larger than life...

ISST> Nothing is larger than Fox - except Jorge and Kirk!

[Bowman] Your little site talks about nice little adventures of a man called


ISST> He is Jorge Gonzoles! A Migrant Programmer from the 21st century!

[Bowman] What you don't realize is... is....

ISST> Is what!!!!!!!

[Bowman] there are other adventures of this man you call Jorge....adventures

beyond belief...

[Bowman] Beyond the establishment... And I've only had a week to analyze the


ISST> How could you know this? What could you have obtained from that little

piece of Sentient Mass?

[Bowman] I've already said too much.... Besides... I get the feeling that

we're being watched... I MUST GO!!!!

>> Bowman has left channel #JorgeChat

ISST> Interesting. He left!

ISST> Hmmm... I wonder what he was running from?

ISST> Or who?

[Ed] Good question,

ISST> I believe he knows more about the truth than we give him credit...

[Ed] Goodnight ISST

ISST> Good night, Ed. Take care.

[Ed] Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

>> Ed has left channel #JorgeChat

>> James has joined channel #JorgeChat

ISST> So true. Ed. So true.

>>ISST has left channel #JorgeChat

>>Hawk has joined channel #JorgeChat

To summarize:

It appears that Dr. Bowman has the missing piece of Sentient Paranormal Amoeboid Mass from the crash of 1936. Sparky the S.P.A.M. killer apparently coughed it up and Dr. Bowman is accessing information from this small piece of Sentient. We are unsure of the contents of the small piece of Sentient or how he was able to retrieve data from it but we believe it contains other 'Adventures of Jorge Gonzoles'. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available on this subject.

Our operatives identified a web presence dedicated to Jorge Gonzoles. This was not a site supported by the I.S.S.T. This site was being run by none other than Dr. Marshall Bowman himself! His story is facinating and if what he is telling us is the TRVTH our lives have been nothing more than a fictional story! You must read the wisdom from his pages! It is that important! He created a site called Marshall Bowman - Intergallactic Space Hero. This portion of the site was nothing more than a facade for the TRVTH! In order to find the real TRVTH you had to click on the nose of Marshall Bowman within the website. This linked you to the REAL TRVTH!

In this website were photos of Jorge Gonzoles traveling thoughout history! Jorge responsible for electric light! Jorge crossing the Deleware with Washington - his computer sitting inside the boat! Jorge was even the lead vocalist on William Shatner's album!Say it isn't so! We began making contact with Dr. Marshall Bowman but unfortunately - he and his website vanished into cyberspace. We haven't heard from him since. Take a moment and think of Dr. Bowman. We may be able to retrieve some of the hidden treasures of this amazing human being. Only time will tell.

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