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The Current Adventure is:

"The Wizard of ORB"

'The Wizard of Orb Pt. 3'


Jorge helped Sir Folger pack his wagon for his journey back to Solaria. Sir Folger leaned down from the wagon towards Jorge; "You will be wise to keep quiet about what I have told you today or you will end up like I.B. Tinman. Do you understand?" Jorge cautiously replied, "Yes sir, I do understand. Again, thank you for your help." Sir Folger started back towards Solaria and Jorge watched as Sir Folger slowly disappeared from sight. "It's time to meet Sir Sanka. He's over at the local market. Come, I'll introduce you to him." Stated Sir Choice. Sir Choice and Jorge made their way towards the market to meet Sir Sanka. Jorge noticed how similar the buildings looked between Solaria and Linuxia. The market, the tavern, the water treatment plant, they all looked the same. Jorge saw an obvious advantage to a society that governed itself as such but then he began thinking about the generator in Solaria and the comments made by Sir Folger.

The two men arrived at the local market and Sir Choice identified Sir Sanka; "There he is. The chubby guy with the large mustache. Sir Sanka! Over here!" Sir Choice was waving his hands, gesturing for Sir Sanka to join him. Sir Sanka walked over to the two men and replied, "What can I do for you, Sir Choice?" Sir Sanka had a deep voice. His mustache was very thick and curled upwards at the ends. "Sir Sanka, This is Jorge Gonzoles. He is traveling to Unixia to meet with the Magistrate. Sir Folger of Solaria brought him here and asked if we could assist him in his travels to Unixia. I knew you were going to Aixia tomorrow and wondered if it would be too much trouble to take Jorge with you. He also needs room and board for the evening."

Sir Sanka raised and eyebrow and rubbed his chin, "Where are you from, Jorge?" Jorge replied, "I am from Buko Casho, South America." Sir Sanka stepped back, "I have never heard of such a place!" Sir Choice interjected, "He is not from the Land of COM. He is from a land far away." Jorge added, "I need to see the Magistrate to see if he can help me with a problem I had in the meadow. My equipment accidentally fell upon an Evil One from the Land of COM. As I lifted my equipment from him he disappeared. I merely want to speak to the Magistrate to see if there is anything I can do in order to rid myself of any perceived guilt from the people of the Land of COM. I was going to travel to the Land of COM but Sir Raleigh Coffee told me that I would never get a fair trial."

Sir Sanka replied, "You were wise to come here, Jorge. The COMs are an evil society! They are greedy and destructive! They lay claim to everything they can and try to prevent us from thriving in our own society. You may be better off forgetting about this incident all together and going about your business." Jorge replied, "I cannot do that! I had a brother who was killed and I vowed to avenge his death and see justice prevail. How could I simply walk away without having justice served here as well?"

"Very well, Jorge. Come with me. I will take you to Aixia with me in the morning." Jorge thanked Sir Choice for his help and Sir Sanka and Jorge made their way to the home of Sir Sanka. Sir Sanka's child was playing outside when Jorge and Sir Sanka arrived, "Yuban, tell your mother we have company. He will be staying the night with us and traveling with me to Aixia tomorrow." Yuban ran into the house and told his mother the news. Jorge introduced himself to the rest of Sir Sanka's family and they all sat down to a wonderful dinner. After dinner, Jorge talked about his land and some of the adventures he had experienced along the way. Sir Sanka's family was entertained by Jorge's stories and he told them well into the evening.

After Yuban was put to bed, Sir Sanka and Jorge sat out on the front porch and had a final cup of Java before retiring for the night. Jorge broke the silence and asked, "You have heard my stories tonight, Sir Sanka. Tell me, what do you do here in Linuxia?" Sir Sanka smiled and replied, "I'm afraid that my life is not as adventurous as yours, Jorge. I work at the Natural Gas plant here in Linuxia. I am the plant manager. I keep the natural gas flowing throughout Linuxia heating homes when it's cold, providing gas to cook and warm the bath water. There is nothing exciting about my life." Jorge answered, "Every job serves its purpose and yours is just as important in the overall plan as the most complicated job imaginable. Without your gas, how would one cook the food? How would one heat the homes? How would one have warm bath water? You provide a comfort and a great need to this township."

Sir Sanka replied, "Thank you, Jorge. But there are many people from every township that can perform my tasks. Any one of them could do exactly what I do. It is for the common good that it be this way." Jorge sipped his Java and asked, "Does everything function identically in every township?" Sir Sanka sipped his Java and looked at Jorge curiously, "Of course it does. Why would you ask?" Jorge continued, "I just wondered if there were certain exceptions to the rule." Sir Sanka leaned in towards Jorge; "Can you keep a secret?" Jorge backed away from Sir Sanka and asked, "I am capable of concealing information from others who are not aware of its existence."

Sir Sanka spoke in a quiet voice, "As you may or may not know, natural gas does not have an odor." Jorge added, "I am aware of that. A unique odor is applied to natural gas in order to make it noticeable." Sir Sanka continued, "That's right. This odor has an offensive smell, which makes many people within our township complain. Whenever we work on a pipeline or if a new dryer is installed in somebody's home the offensive odor is bound to make its way into the noses of the people of this township. I discussed changing the odor to a more pleasant smelling fragrance - lilac. Lilacs do not grow within our township and I knew the people of the township could benefit from the change of odor so I began working with a colleague to create a new odor for natural gas based upon the lilac fragrance."

Sir Sanka sipped his Java and continued his story, "After several months of painstaking research we developed an additive we could add to natural gas that was non-toxic, burned efficiently leaving no residue, and smelled like lilacs! It was a success! We took this product to the committee for their approval." Sir Sanka sat back in his chair and fell silent. Jorge asked, "Did you get approval to use the additive?" Sir Sanka sighed and replied, "Unfortunately, Unixia's mountainside is covered in lilacs. We were turned down and the project was scrubbed."

Jorge sipped his Java and replied, "I'm sorry to hear that." Sir Sanka smiled, "There's no need to feel sorry, Jorge. Come inside. Let me show you something." Sir Sanka led Jorge into the kitchen. Sir Sanka removed the top of the oven burners and exposed the burning gas pilots. He blew them out and looked at Jorge, "Smell the gas, Jorge." Jorge bent over and smelled the gas. To his astonishment, it smelled just like lilacs, "How did you do this?" Sir Sanka lit the gas pilots, replaced the oven burners, and led Jorge back outside onto the porch. The two men sat back down and Sir Sanka spoke in a quiet voice, "We modified our Natural Gas plant and incorporated the additive into our township's gas systems. Our township has been using this additive for over three years without a complaint from anyone."

Jorge asked, "How do you keep the additive from spreading to the other townships?" Sir Sanka replied, "We have filters that remove the additive from the gas before it is fed outside of the township." Jorge added, "Do you replace the original additive to the gas before it leaves the township?" Sir Sanka replied, "That isn't necessary. Every township has the ability to provide the original additive to the gas at their plants. As the gas enters their plant, the original additive is added and piped to the businesses and homes throughout their township. We merely strip the offensive additive from the gas coming into our plant, add our own additive, and pipe that gas to our own township. Then, we filter the surplus and send it on its way."

Jorge finished his Java and set the cup down on the table beside him; "I guess what I am hearing is that you are assuming the other townships will supply the additive to the gas regardless of whether or not the additive is present." Sir Sanka turned towards Jorge with a concerned look; "Do you have a problem with the way our township is run? I can show you one hundred faces of people who are very happy with their natural gas. If you cause trouble for this township you will be doing yourself great harm. You will be banned from this region - never to return. Do you understand?" Jorge sighed and replied, "Yes, Sir Sanka, I'm afraid I do understand." Sir Sanka replied, "Good. Then its time to retire for the night. We have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow. We'll be leaving at the break of dawn."

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