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For the Week of January 9th, 2000
Skin Center added to Fan Club Section 

We have added a new feature to the Fan Club section of the Migrant Programmer site. The Skin Center allows users of the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4/5 browsers to "enhance" their browser's look by replacing the standard gray color of the toolbar with a "skin" created from a photo, art drawing, gif or jpeg file, etc. 

There are currently hundreds of ready made "skins" to choose from courtesy of the HotBar.Com website.  It is important to note that placing a skin on your browser requires that you install an active x control onto your system. If you are uncomfortable about placing any controls onto your machine DO NOT go to the skin center section of this site. The page is designed to install an Active X control prior to displaying the page. 

The scientists here at the I.S.S.T. have been playing around with these skins and found them rather easy to install and remove. They did not seem to harm the system in any way. The active X control is about 100k in size and loads very quickly. The control and all of the skins are free to use. 

Let us know what you think about our custom skin. If you have any skins you would like to create let us know - we can add them to the Skin Center at a later time.

Author Author!

We would like to
ask anyone interested in publishing articles for the technology section of the website to contact the webmaster regarding submissions. We will begin publishing articles as soon as we receive them. We have received interest in this area and we thank you in advance for your support. For more information, contact the webmaster@migrantprogrammer.com