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For the Week of January 30, 2000
Migrant Programmer "gathering" held at The Lizard

The Monthly Migrant Programmer meeting was held this past Friday at the Winking Lizard in Bedford, Ohio. The gathering was a success and many migrants came from many different computer backgrounds discussing technology, quality, and of course - Cajun Chicken Wings. 

Many people have emailed us and asked, "What is the Migrant Programmer 'Gathering'?". The "Gathering" is a monthly meeting of the "core" migrants of the Migrant Programmer collective. The "core" migrants are the founders of the Migrant programmer site. The site was founded in 1997 to propagate the need for quality within the technological workplace.

The Migrant Programmer collective contains technologists within many different areas of the IT realm - Networking, Data Warehousing, E-Commerce, Human Resources, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Systems Administration, etc.

 The last Friday of every month is when the "Gathering" takes place. It is usually located at the Winking Lizard Tavern in Bedford, Ohio. Migrants come to feast upon the mighty Cajun Wings and drink various types of liquored refreshments. In this setting, the Migrant Programmer is at home. Within a short time, you will hear the familiar bantering of new technologies, arguments over technologies, discussions on processes and quality practices, as well as horror stories from the field.

The choice of nourishment varies at the "Gathering" but consists mainly of just about everything on the menu except fish. The Cajun Wings are the preferred "wing", which is followed by poppers, skins, and phred's fries.

One thing is very certain. Extra Cajun Sauce is a necessity. This sauce makes the wings go down smooth! Too much of the stuff and you can actually start solving network router problems in your head!

If you are ever in the area, feel free to drop by and say hello! The Migrant "Gathering" is open to anyone! 



Migrants enjoying the "Gathering"
Migrants enjoying the "Gathering"
Be careful when reaching for a beer!
Be careful when reaching for a beer!
The Mighty Cajun - consumed!
The Mighty Cajun - consumed!
The infamous Cajun Sauce!
The infamous Cajun Sauce!
Praying to the Cajun god of Wings!
Praying to the Cajun god of Wings!
A Letter from a Fan in Nigeria!

We would like
to thank 
Ifeanyichukwu O. Udochu for the nice letter and suggestions for improving the site.

Ifeanyi writes:

I want to say you guys are doing great. This story should be given to everybody to read. It really is wonderful.


1. Either make it downloadable, so that readers can read it without actually being on the net. They could connect to the net to download a new episode

2. or Make it into a book (novel) in a series just like the "famous five".

This would make it possible for non-net users to read and it will give the goal (FOR QUALITY FOR JORGE GONZALES) a big boost.
Think about it - every Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced programmer reading this and applying it to their work, the world could be rid of "Bad Programming Practice" in the development of quality software. Think about it & Do it FOR QUALITY; FOR JORGE GONZALES.

Ifeanyichukwu O. Udochu
Computer Science Student (YABATECH Lagos, Nigeria)

Thanks for your input Ifeanyi. We discussed the idea during the last meeting and some of the "core" migrants are creating a PDF version of the episodes for downloading as well as standard FTP. We'll keep you posted...