What are Jorge Movies?

The I.S.S.T. has been able to decipher and translate several animated images from the S.P.A.M. unit. As we receive these images we will upload them to this system. These images have been translated into streaming video content using the Real Video player. You must have this player or a Real Video compatible device loaded onto your system in order to view these images. 

If you need the REAL video player you can download it free from their website.        

Barry Fewtile's Demise -

One of the most horrific videos we have seen from the S.P.A.M. unit to date. Barry Fewtile tries to use the infamous Voltronaise Optoneuralgenic Device lying on Jorge's desk. Jorge tries to get the device back from Barry but to no avail. A must see!

Vince Booleans Kube -

This video shows Vince Boolean accessing his Kube. Unfortunately for Vince, Jorge has planted a small virus in his system - corrupting everything Vince has and causing him to lose precious time on his current project. Vince vows to get even with Jorge.

Jorge creates S.P.A.M. -

"In order to save the present, I must warn the past!", exclaims Jorge in this riveting video. Jorge is seen in a makeshift lab creating the S.P.A.M. unit, which will be sent back in time to prevent the Binarian temporal wave from altering Jorge's present.

Jim Rhydle - Exposed! -

Vince Boolean is at it again!  Realizing he is over his head on his current assignment, Vince asks Jim Rhydle to assign a "special project" to John Pierceman, who Vince has found out is actually Jorge in disguise. He tries to take credit for Jorge's work but is caught in the crossfire!


Will will upload new movies as we receive them from the SKT Unit!

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