What are Jorge Pictures?

Our undercover I.S.S.T. operatives have been able to smuggle many individual images from the S.P.A.M. unit. As we receive these images we will upload them to this system. The images are categorized and thumbnail views with descriptions are shown. If you want a larger view of the image, simply click the image to receive a larger version.

The following files have been received from our sources within the I.S.S.T.

The S.K.T. Collection

SKT Unit Images

I.S.S.T. scientists have been overwhelmed by the technology of this great device. Just as it appeared we were learning to understand and operate the S.P.A.M. unit, the bioprocessor ceased to function and liquified in front of the horrified scientists who feverishly tried to prevent the inevitable cellular breakdown. In its wake, came the S.K.T. - the Sentient Knowledge Transfer unit. We have yet to discover all of its potential and look forward to scientific theories and proofs beyond our wildest dreams!


S.K.T. at RestHere is the mysterious S.K.T. device before it has been activated. The coned top is assumed to be some sort of power source as we cannot yet determine where its power is actualy coming from.

Powering up!After making a request to the S.K.T. the unit begins functioning. This is an amazing photo which must be seen in its full size to be appreciated.

Plasma?Another image of the S.K.T. in action. Notice the colors - the reds and the eerie blues within the container. Scientists are trying to determine whether this is some sort of plasma life form contained within a life sphere.

Left Brained?This image shows how the S.K.T. responds to certain stimuli. Notice how the energy is driven towards the left of the orb when asked a series of logical questions.

Right Brained?This last image shows a similar response to questions pertaining to art and creative thinking. Notice the energy as it is driven towards the right of the orb. Amazing!

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