Big Daddy Jay Powell


Age: 18, give or take a few millenia.
Location: Milton, Ontario (It’s about six miles east of the middle of nowhere, between the rock and the hard place).
Occupation: I code, smoke, drink, code and that’s about it.
Why did you become a Migrant?: The migrant programmers and the drunken bastards are the only people on the ‘net who accept me as one of their own <*sniff*>
Tell us what you like about Jorge?: Jorge? Oh yah, him and I go way back. We used to sneek out of preschool and smoke dope on the monkey bars.
Any personal comments?: It’s damned good, but we need us more coders. We must slowly rally our forces and build up our defences to overturn the large software bohemoths who turn out sub-standard, bug-filled incomplete software.

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